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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        Qingdao Three One Three Machinery Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing global customers with a series of products such as CNC Router, Precision Panel Saw, Automatic Edge Banding Machine, Laser Side Hole Machine, Woodworking Drilling Machine and so on.

        Three One Three Machinery has 3 production lines, which can produce hundreds of orders at the same time. Product design and production technology originated from advanced philosophy at home and abroad. Industrial automation depends on professional solutions in the field of CNC.

        We always adhere to the spirit of continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence, and are committed to making global CNC machining solutions simpler. At the same time, it is devoted to high-quality and high-efficiency research and development thinking, and has successively launched various mechanical automation units to replace manpower with machines, in order to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

        Over the years, 313 machinery and equipment have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions in Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, and have a good reputation and market share.

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