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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        11 Advantages of Sanysan Mechanical Precision Panel Saw Products

        1. Precision Panel Saw 45 ° electric and manual dual purpose, using a unique bearing seat form with low friction.

        Precision Panel Saw Angle display

        2. The precision panel saw main saw adopts a fully sealed electric lifting system, with the lifting position at the center of gravity of the main saw. Therefore, it has less load, saves effort, and is much better than the slider or lifting main saw structure, with a low failure rate
        3. The slot saw adopts direct screw drive, which is not easy to get stuck, and is protected by upper and lower limit microswitches
        4. The grooving saw is adjusted back and forth in the form of precision screw, which is very flexible and not easy to get stuck. The grooving saw is adjusted back and forth with flexible shaft
        5. The spindle of the Precision Panel Saw adopts a structure that combines a rotating arm and a slider, which overcomes the easy jamming of the slider type main saw during lifting and lowering; The disadvantage of poor rigidity of the pure rotary arm is that it maintains flexible rotation of the rotary arm type; The advantage of good rigidity of the slider type is that the main saw is assembled in one go without adjustment for life, therefore, the stability of the main saw is very good.

        Precision Panel Saw main shaft

        6. The main saw and groove saw of the Precision Panel Saw adopt a fully sealed structure, which is not easy to feed ash, thus having the advantages of long service life and few faults. They also adopt seven sharp multi groove belts, which are thickened and have a long belt life.

        Main saw and slot saw

        7. The precision panel saw workbench adopts a reversible structure, which is easy to clean and maintain.
        8. The ash hopper adopts a streamline structure, fully utilizing the aerodynamic force generated by the rotation of the main saw. At the opening of the ash hopper, negative pressure is generated, blowing the sawdust out of the saw. There is less dust on the workbench, so there is no need to add a vacuum hood for easy operation.
        9. The work sliding table adopts a heavy-duty sliding table with a width of 435mm, which has good rigidity, no vibration, is not easy to deform, and has a long service life.

        Heavy duty push table

        10. The support of the main saw of the precision cutting board saw adopts secondary processing technology after loading and unloading, with small end face runout and a calibrated structure. Therefore, the end face produced by this saw has low roughness, high smoothness, and is convenient for edge sealing. 11. The Precision Panel Saw uses high-temperature baking paint, so its freshness retention capacity is 3-5 times longer than that of ordinary spray paint.
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