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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        Edge banding machine handling method

        The edge banding machine is a small and medium-sized machine that is transported as a whole and packaged by professional personnel before leaving the factory. Please choose the appropriate handling tool when getting on or off the vehicle or transporting to the construction site. Manual forklifts, power forklifts, or lifting methods can be used for handling this equipment. When handling this equipment, please clearly read the machine weight marked on the machine nameplate label. Forklifts or cranes must have sufficient lifting force to withstand the weight. (If you want to use lifting method for transportation, insert an upper pipe at the bottom of the rack before lifting).
        Edge banding machine handling method:
        1. Forklift transportation: During the process of forking the equipment, the lifting speed of the fork plate should be slow, and attention should be paid to whether the edge banding machine is balanced in front, back, left, and right to avoid overturning (to prevent personal safety issues during transportation, do not stand around the machine); The edge banding machine can only be transported forward after it is lifted to a certain distance from the ground and confirmed to be stable. Pay attention to the flatness of the ground during transportation; After transportation to the destination, handle the equipment with care.

        Forklift transportation Edge banding machine

        2. Crane lifting and transportation: To prevent frame deformation, it is necessary to confirm whether square steel has been inserted at the bottom of the frame before lifting, and pay attention to whether the equipment is parallel in front, back, left, and right to avoid overturning (to prevent personal safety issues during the lifting process of the machine, do not stand around the machine); During lifting and transportation, the equipment must be kept stable and gently handled after reaching the destination.

        Crane lifting and transportation Edge banding machine

        3. When lifting, attention should be paid to the lifting method. The correct lifting method is shown in the following figure:

        Correct lifting method

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