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        How to ensure the cutting accuracy of a table panel saw

        The precision of the spindle of the precision board saw table is the basis for determining the cutting accuracy. The coaxiality and parallelism of the cutting spindle and the grooving spindle in the saw table must be controlled within 0.03mm. The balance of the saw blade itself and the vertical parallelism of the installation must be controlled within 0.01mm, in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the saw blade during operation, and to make the sawed board section smooth and straight, with a dimensional error not exceeding 0.1mm/m. The straightness and parallelism of the worktable ladder guide rail are important factors that affect the cutting accuracy. Especially for plates with a length of over 2000mm, the length result error is directly proportional to the accuracy error of the ladder guide rail. The higher the accuracy of the ladder guide rail made of epoxy resin, the smaller the movement error of the moving workbench, and the better the quality of the cutting surface of the plate. The spindle speed of the saw table is also the reason for affecting the flatness of the cutting surface.

        cutting accuracy of a table panel saw

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