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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        How to use edge banding machines correctly and safely

        (1) Operators and maintenance personnel must carefully read the user manual to prevent personal accidents. Our company shall not be responsible for any accidents that occur due to failure to follow the instructions;
        (2) Operators should wear formal work clothes (including hats, shoes, gloves, protective glasses, etc.) before working;
        (3) Check whether the power supply voltage is normal;
        (4) The machine must be grounded to prevent leakage;
        (5) Check if the edge banding machine is damaged;
        (6) Please pay special attention to areas with yellow (red) paint in the machine: high-temperature objects, charged objects, or high-speed rotating tools;
        (7) Check if there are any obstacles around the edge banding machine;
        (8) Check various covers;
        (9) Check if there are any people within the moving range of the edge banding machine;
        (10) Check the status of the operation switch.
        (11) The rubber box and adhesive coating parts are fully exposed with electricity. Special attention should be paid to safety during operation and maintenance. If necessary, please cut off the power supply;
        (12) Please set the first alarm temperature value (ALMl) of the temperature controller correctly;
        (13) The heating and lighting of the rubber box are not controlled by the emergency stop button and pull switch. Please note during maintenance:
        (14) When placing the edge banding strip, its head should pass through the belt feeding wheel and not exceed the cutting knife, otherwise it may cause damage to some mechanisms when sealing the first plate:
        (15) Do not reach under the pressure beam.
        (16) Pay attention to the rotation direction when inspecting and replacing the saw blade and motor;
        (17) When accessories (saws, etc.) come off, it should be confirmed whether the motor has completely stopped.
        (18) If a warning occurs during the operation of the edge banding machine, please confirm whether the motor has completely stopped running before restarting or repairing the machine.
        (19) Check the Hot-melt adhesive allowance before heating the gluing box;
        (20) When any abnormal situation occurs during processing, please immediately press the emergency stop button or pull the emergency stop switch of the cable;
        (21) Non professional personnel are prohibited from opening the control box and electric control cabinet;
        (22) Before replacing electrical components, saw blades, or adjusting the machine for maintenance, the power must be turned off and replaced according to the same model and specifications;
        (23) Before maintenance, the main power box at the back of the workbench should be turned off for 10 minutes before starting the maintenance. Especially for frequency converters, even if the power is turned off, the current will still flow underground for about 10 minutes. After replacing the accessories, a trial run should be carried out in a state where there are no processed materials.
        (24) The parameters of the frequency converter, overload protector, temperature controller, etc. inside the box should not be adjusted arbitrarily, otherwise it may cause the edge banding machine to malfunction or damage. If changes are needed, please refer to relevant materials and consider the possible consequences;
        (25) Do not overload the operation. When overloaded, the machine will automatically stop:
        (26) Confirm if the specially processed materials are completely fixed.
        (27) After completing the work on the same day, the edge banding machine and the surrounding area should be cleaned up.
        (28) When the edge banding machine is first started, the machine should be put into trial operation and confirmed to be normal before starting normal processing.
        (29) During the operation of the edge banding machine, it is prohibited to touch the vacuum hood, processing materials, and accessories with hands or other objects.
        (30) During the operation of the edge banding machine, it should be ensured that there are no people within the moving range of the machine to avoid accidents.
        (31) Organize the accessories and ensure that the passages in the workplace are unobstructed.
        (32) Regularly keep the workplace clean.
        (33) Do not wear gloves when operating the computer and control panel.
        (34) Regularly check whether the function of the safety protection device is normal, and immediately repair and solve any fault found;After completing the work, it is necessary to comprehensively inspect all parts of the machine for damage.
        (36) When leaving the machine, the main switch of the machine must be turned off.
        (37) Do not touch the switches of the machine operation panel, especially the auxiliary input current and high voltage of the frequency converter.
        (38) When there is a problem with the circuit, a specialized electrician is required to repair it, and fuses outside of the regulations cannot be used.
        (39) When repairing machinery, to prevent others from operating the machine, it is necessary to clearly mark the words' during maintenance work '.
        (40) It is strictly prohibited to change the machine structure without written permission
        (41) Please purchase and use original parts!
        (42) For repairs and maintenance not covered in the user manual, please contact the nearest dealer for assistance
        (43) This user manual is a general manual.
        (44) Due to the continuous updating and improvement of the equipment, when the product does not match the user manual, the actual product shall prevail.
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