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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        Installation environment and configuration requirements for edge banding machines

        1. Edge banding machine power supply
        (1) Use 380V~60Hz three-phase AC power (with a frequency of 50Hz in China, Ukraine, and some regions) and confirm if the voltage variation range is within 5%.
        (2) Confirm whether the location where the edge banding machine is used can provide the maximum current for the machine to operate.
        (3) Prepare the cable from the power supply to the main electrical box
        (4) After turning off the main power supply, a professional technician will connect the main power supply.
        (5) After turning on the main power supply, start the power supply of the operation box (button POWER) to confirm whether the machine starts normally.

        Edge banding machine power supply

        2. Edge banding machine air pressure
        (1) Prepare a sufficient length of air pipe with a diameter specification of 12 from the air compressor and air source to the triple connection port of the machine × 8mm
        (2) To prevent excessive moisture content in the air source from causing mechanical failure, relevant air drying equipment must be installed in the air source.
        (3) Confirm that the air pressure is above 6.5kgf/, and the relevant preparation work for the air source is completed.
        (4) Check the high-pressure air pipe connection port and other pneumatic components on the edge banding machine for air leakage.
        (5) Set the specified pressure value of the machine's triplet pressure gauge -6.5kgf/. If there is a slight change in air pressure, adjust the pressure gauge to maintain the air pressure within a certain range.

        Edge banding machine air pressure

        3. Edge banding machine Vacuum cleaning equipment
        (1) In order to ensure the cleanliness of the edge banding machine workplace and the maintenance of the machine, the factory is equipped with appropriate vacuum equipment.
        (2) Prepare a vacuum exhaust pipe with a diameter of 100mm from the vacuum equipment to the installation position of the machine
        (3) Ensure the connection between each suction nozzle to prevent air leakage from the suction nozzle.
        (4) If the connected vacuum pipe is too long, it will cause damage to the sagging part after the machine starts. Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether the position of the vacuum exhaust pipe and the length of the vacuum pipe require a bracket to maintain the best vacuum effect.
        (5) The optimal wind speed in the vacuum exhaust pipe should be maintained at around 30 m/s (1.464 m3/s).
        4.Edge banding machine Installation site
        (1) Before installing the machine, it is necessary to consult the technician to ensure that there is sufficient installation space for the machine in the factory.
        (2) Please do not install edge banding machine on the cart path or pedestrian walkway to avoid accidents.
        (3) The ground on which edge banding machine is installed should be able to fully bear the weight of the machine. If the balance cannot be maintained due to changes in the floor, it may cause the machine's performance to not function properly and various unsafe accidents may occur.
        (4) Near the left, right, and rear of the machine, personnel other than operators are not allowed to approach.

        Edge Banding Machine

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