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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        Installation procedure of Auto Edge Bander

        (1) Auto Edge Bander installation preparation work
        Check whether the installation environment and configuration requirements of the edge bander meet the installation and operation requirements.
        Power supply: 380V 50HZ three-phase four-wire power supply, the total power line diameter should be more than 4cm2.
        Air source: The total air pressure of the edge banding machine must be above 0.65Mpa, and the diameter of the input pipe of the triple connector is 12mm.
        Dust suction equipment: The necessary dust suction equipment should be equipped, and the diameter of the machine dust pipe is 100mm.

        Dust suction equipment

        Installation site: The space occupied by the edge banding machine must be empty, and the installation ground must be flat and firm.
        (2) Installation procedure of Auto Edge Bander
        Step 1: The machine is fixed
        Use the power forklift or manual forklift to place the edge banding machine in the correct position. The machine positioning must ensure the basic level of each workbench surface. The machine can be adjusted to the horizontal position by using anchor screws, and then the machine is fixed by anchor bolts.
        Step 2: Connect the power supply
        The main power cable is inserted under the machine cabinet box, and the four branch wires are connected to the terminals set aside in advance on the circuit board. Pay attention to the terminal position of each branch line connection, can not be mistaken, confirm the correct before turning on the power supply; In order to protect the circuit and the personal safety of the operator, be sure to install a fuse, leakage protection device and connect the ground wire.
        Step 3: Connecting air source
        Connect the air source to the input end of the triplet on the machine, and check the machine for air leakage at each gas pipe junction.
        Step 4: Connect the suction device Connect the suction pipe to the dust removal port of the machine, and tie the connection.
        Step 5: Debug the mechanism
        Adjust the relevant parts of the machine according to the thickness of the board and the thickness of the sealing strip.
        Step 6: Test the machine
        Step 7: The test machine is OK after delivery
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