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      1. precision panel saw,edge banding machine

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        Precautions for using precision board saws

        1. The feeding speed of the board should be adjusted appropriately according to the speed of the main saw blade, the usage time of the saw blade, and the type of artificial board. Generally, it should be controlled within 5~15m/min, and the adjustment should be accurate. When using the precision board saws, the moving workbench should be adjusted to be perpendicular to the plane of the main saw blade through a fine adjustment device;

        Micro-adjustable explorator

        2. The fixed workbench should be adjusted to be parallel to the plane of the main saw blade. Regular inspections should also be carried out during operation.

        3. Before starting work, clean the area around the precision cutting saw and the countertop.

        4. Check if the saw blade is sharp and if the size of the saw blade is in line

        Precision Panel Saw

        5. Conduct a test run: The time is about 1 minute, check if the machine is running normally, check the rotation direction of the large and small saw blades, and ensure that the rotation direction of the saw blades is correct.

        6. Start working, place the prepared board on the pusher and adjust the gear size. Then start working.

        7. If there are defects in the edges and corners of the opened board, consideration should be given to replacing the saw blade.

        8. After the cutting task is completed, turn off the power and ensure the hygiene and protection of the saw table and its surroundings.

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